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post booking emails join our mailing list

Hi Can we have a pop up box that asks customers to join our mailing list on the post booking emails ?

Ideally it needs to in the subject line

so did you enjoy your meal click her to join our list

then if they click it automatically adds all the details in so there no form to fill out ?

Hi Sandy,

We have a customer sign up form widget that can be directed to as a URL.

This doesn't allow for automatic customer details from their reservation to be carried over though but you can simplify the information to just first name, surname and email.

If you are interested in this feature, you can view a fully branded version via 'Promote' > 'Widget Configurator'

Let me know if you have any further feedback on this.

Kind regards,


I am intrested inĀ customers to join our mailing list

could you provide me with a link as a URL.

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