The Table Plan View in Detail

Our Table Plan View has been specially designed to allow you to:

  •  make and manage bookings across time in the same ways as our diary view
  • seat & greet guests in a professional manner
  • communicate across separate terminals so that your host has maximum visibility of what is happening on the restaurant floor so that they can make informed decisions concerning 'wait times for tables' and 'seating walk ins' 

To view the table plan view select as below:

The table plan view works differently to the grid view and will show bookings at one time only, click the time curser to view bookings at a certain time:


 Seating Status Legend


Table Time Information 


Important Settings

Setting up your table plan: In order to start using your Table Plan View you must 1st set this up at Settings> New Table Plan Editor. If you previously used the old table plan you can easily convert this in a few clicks.


Bookable vs. Bookable for less than standard duration: To get immediate visibility of whether a table is bookable or not it is good to set a 'minimum seat time' then where a table has less than the minimum seat time set by the management the table will appear grey. The minimum seat time is set in Settings > Services.


Can book for less than the minimum seat time: Walk ins can always be made for any duration however as a manager you may not want some members of staff to book tables for less than the standard duration set. There is a user rights setting at Settings > Security > Groups: Can book for less than min duration.


Pulse when order not taken: If you want to have visibility of tables that have not had their order taken after having been sat for a certain time period you can set tables to pulse after 'x' mins in the 'seated' status. The settings that control this are at Settings> Interface Settings > Table Plan Settings.