Business Benefits

  1. Alert one or more managers by email and/or SMS.
  2. Ensure bookings of certain party sizes are always examined by a manger in your team.
  3. Ensure every VIP booking has management attention so that your VIP's keep coming back.

What are Booking Notifications used for?

1. Booking Notifications .are used to alert certain individuals by email or sms when a booking is made that meets certain criteria. 

  • These are triggered by Party Size (above 'x' covers)
  • for Online or Internal bookings
  • and can be set for made bookings or amended bookings or cancelled bookings


2. VIP Notifications are used so that your management team can stay on top of all VIP bookings and ensure that your VIP's get the service they deserve. There are two types of notifications:

  • Seating Notifications that are triggered when a VIP is marked as 'Fully Seated' so that managers know when a VIP has actually entered the building and sat down at the table.
  • Booking Notifications that are triggered when a VIP actually makes a booking so that managers can review the booking and ensure the VIP is sat on the appropriate table and put notes against the booking to ensure that they are treated in the way they deserve whom ever is managing the particular service. 

Note: Booking Notifications can be sent for all bookings or set to trigger if a VIP books with in 'x' mins before service.


How VIP Notifications Work

Located in Settings > Restaurant Details > Other Details > Notifications



How to select Large Party Notifications & Online/Internal Notifications


Located in Settings > Restaurant Details > Other Details > Notifications