Located in Settings > Details > Information > Search

Whatever you choose to enter in this screen it will create a filter for your ResDiary Microsite (for example www.resdiary.com/yourrestaurant).

For example, when searching for your restaurant on ResDiary.com it will inform the customer of any dress codes, prices and cuisine type.

Indications only of the following:

Dress Code

Casual = Trainers welcome

Smart Casual = Casual clothing but not too informal

Black Tie = Formal wear


Per person per full meal:

$=  £26 and under

$$= £26-40

$$$= £41-60

$$$$= £61-80

$$$$$= £80 and over

Cuisine and Restaurant type

These can range from brunch to food safari. 

Please note, that for future development into our customer facing apps this information will come in very handy for us to provide a optimal experience for your customer. 

If you see a cuisine type you provide but is not on the list please let us know by emailing support@resdiary.com

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