Redeeming Vouchers

To take vouchers as payment from your diary click Settings - New booking process payment settings - Make sure that Voucher and ResDiary voucher is enabled.

There are two ways to redeem vouchers, they can be entered when making a booking, or you can redeem them manually.

Redeeming Vouchers when making a booking

When making a booking in Resdiary that requires a deposit, you are offered the option of using a voucher. To redeem the voucher click the booking you want to redeem the voucher against, in the spider menu click edit and in the booking pop up click payments.  Here click add payment, on the left of the payment pop you will see voucher and ResDiary voucher.  Add the amount in the voucher box and the code in ResDiary voucher box then click complete.

Redeeming Vouchers Manually

  1. To redeem vouchers manually, log into Resdiary as you would normally, and click on the “Promote” link at the top right of the diary.
  2. This opens the promote page. Click on the “Redeem Vouchers” link within the Vouchers submenu on the left hand side. You will see the Redeem Voucher page.
  3. Simply enter the voucher reference number and you will see the details of the voucher, with the ability to redeem it:
  4. To redeem the voucher, click on the “Redeem” button. The screen changes to the screenshot below, which is also what you will see if you searched for a voucher which had already been redeemed.