Customer List

The customer list report provides the facility to review customers on the database of your singular restaurant account and if you are part of a restaurant group you can view your entire shared database.

You have the option to search by 'Visit', 'Booking' or 'Register' date.

There is also an option to export search results to a CSV file.

NB: For group restaurants the database shown will be the TOTAL of all Customer profiles within all restaurant sites within your group.

To view your entire customer database;

  1. Go to 'Reports' > 'CustomerList'
  2. Untick 'Search by Visit Date' (this allows you to search all your customers regardless if they have visited or not)
  3. Press 'GetList' which will show you all the customer that fall under your search
  4. You can then choose to export the customer database to CSV by clicking 'Export All Details to CSV'

To search specific customers;

  1. Follow steps 1) and 2) above

  2. Enter any customer detail in the fields for first name, surname, mobile, email or company

  3. Select 'Get List' 

To merge customers;

  1. Follow the steps above to identify customer profiles that you would like to merge
  2. Tick the boxes of the customers you would like to merge: 
  3. Select 'Merge' from the Drop Down menu
  4. Select 'Go'
  5. By clicking on the customers information it will then populate the top line to the 'Master' profile
  6. Once the top profile contains all the correct details that should form the merged profile, click 'Merge'