What is overriding the capacity of a table (or join) used for?

Over ridding the capacity of a table is used to ensure that if you need to you can overbook a table and squeeze more diners on to the table than you would usually book it for.

Business Benefits

  • Deal with real life scenarios when diners turn up with more guests than the booked for and you have no other table to accommodate them on.
  • Squeeze additional diners on to tables and increase revenue.

How does over riding work?
  1. All tables can be over ridden to any capacity by default.
  2. Users are given rights to [Override capacity of table/join] or [Override capacity of table/join for current day only] or no rights at all.
  3. Then user can over ride the capacity of a table via the quick edit process or edit booking process.
  4. All covers size changes are recorded in the booking history.