ResDiary knows that feedback can be of great advantage to running your operations and whilst we have verified feedback only, customer reviews can often be unfair, unrealistic and at times completely inaccurate. 

Our Daily Feedback Summaries will allow you to monitor all reviews submitted. 

If you wish to post a response or have a review removed you can do so by following the steps below.

How to remove or respond to reviews

Go to Reports > Customer Reports > Feedback Report 

To begin, in the top left corner, click  "Feedback Details" then move to the right hand column to select the criteria for your report.

- If you are part of a group of restaurants, you can firstly select the relevant site under the "venues" drop-down.

- Choose the date range and decide if you'd like to list by the date of the visit, the date the booking was made, or the date the review was submitted.

Choose the columns you'd like to show in the report.

- Click 'Run Report'

Clicking "Run Report" will show all the reviews matching the criteria. Beside each review summary, you will see the option to 'Add Response' or 'Flag Review'

If you click on 'Add Response' any message will be visible beneath the customer review. (no direct message is sent to the customer)

Selecting 'Flag Review' will present a text box to input the reason. (This message is for our internal reference only)

NB: Any reviews flagged for our attention will be actioned on a daily basis and removed from your ResDiary listing if they do not adhere to out Fair Usage Policy, accessible HERE.