Is your Restaurant having a different layout or services for this day? If so, follow this guide...

1) Change your Standard Opening/Closing times for one day

Depending on how drastic a change (service times, tables, areas) being made to your diary for this day - I recommend setting up a new segment. 

Here are the help topics on how to do this: 

With the new segment created you can now edit this segment's service without affecting other services.

  • Go to Settings > Services > Select your Valentine's Segment

For more information on Services and editing them follow this link.

If you want to change how much time they get on the table you can change your Average Time Rules.

2) Fix Your Layout


  • First make sure to tidy up your areas in Settings > Restaurant Areas and Edit any areas that you might need to delete or change
    • NB. Existing bookings on that area will Unallocate if you delete that same area.

  • Go to Settings > Tables > Select your Valentine's Segment then edit your tables individually

3) Take Stripe Payments to Secure Bookings!

Want to cut down on No Shows? Need to take deposits?

Information on Stripe Payments Integration

4) Promote It!

Create a promotion so your customer's know that this is a special menu or costing. 


See this article on Promotions

5) Add your Menu

Let your customer see the lovely food you have on offer by uploading your menu!
How to Upload your Menu

6) Email your Customers about your Valentine's Promos

Now it's time to advertise your Valentine's with you customer database

Follow this guide on using our marketing suite for mailers.

Don't forget to add your menu url to the email!

Now for the romance to begin!