Concierge is a free booking platform that connects third-party agents such as hotel concierge and personal assistants with 24 hour, global access to their ideal restaurants.


Who is it for?

For restaurants

  • With Concierge, restaurants can accept and monitor reservations from third party channels, knowing that they’re from a secure source and with complete transparency.

For booking agents/hotel concierge

  • Concierge allows booking agents to be effective with constant access to real-time reservations for their selected restaurants. Agents are able to quickly search and book, with reporting to track their performance.


How it works

  • Any restaurant with an existing relationship with a third party booker or hotel concierge can create a mutually beneficial incentive programme.

  • Third party bookers/hotel concierge can sign up here.

  • Once logged in, they can access a reservation dashboard and restaurant management system.

  • They can identify their most booked sites and regular bookers to mark them as favourites.

  • Restaurants have full access to all bookings made, enhancing the customer’s experience and enabling tracking.

  • All bookings are immediately followed up with a restaurant branded confirmation email ensuring the brand experience is preserved and the standards of service are being met.


Setting up Concierge

To create a concierge account click here.

  • Fill out details as required (field marked with * are not required, please ensure you enter your countries dialing code from the drop down menu)


  • You will receive an activation email to the email you provided - complete registration.

  • Once your registration is complete you will be redirected to the login page, sign in as Concierge.


Once logged in you will see your profile - this will remain blank until reservations are made

  • To make a reservation click make reservation in the dashboard section

Here you can search for restaurants by location, by date, by time, number people and also by distance.

Once you have chosen the desired restaurant you will see the form reads - booking ON BEHALF OF

  • Enter the customers details to book

  • Both the customer and concierge will receive a confirmation email

Back to the Dashboard

  • Your Dashboard will show any bookings made through the concierge login, you can cancel the booking through this section.

  • To save a favorite restaurant select Restaurants

  • From the drop down menu - select reserved restaurants

  • Click the heart to change the colour to blue to add to your favorites

This will allow you to book your favourite restaurants quickly in future

The Restaurant

The Restaurant can view concierge bookings immediately, they will appear in their diary as green

 For a full third party bookers/hotel concierge report - Reports - 3rd Party Bookers Report 

  • Choose date

  • Date range either week or month

  • Status

  • Venue

  • Show report



Concierge Walk Through