What are booking reminders used for?

Booking reminders are used to provide users a way of sharing a task list relating to individual bookings. A booking reminder should be applied to a booking when there is some 'task' outstanding e.g. 'Please call to confirm menu choice' or 'Cancel booking if they have not paid their deposit by ....'. This then allows all users to see the outstanding booking reminders on any date they are navigating to.

All booking reminders are listed on the reminder tab by due date which means that you can now manage your reminders and set due dates that will appear when you reach a certain date in time. This is a change to the listing in the old diary which simply listed all reminders in one list. However if you navigate forward in time you will see the reminders that are due on or prior to any particular date. This means that if you want to manage one list you can navigate forward in time and view the entire list of reminders.


Business Benefits

  1. Allows better communicaton across staff members.
  2. Allows the implementation of booking confirmation policies that ensure bookings are either confirmed or cancelled and the tables freed for new enquiries.


How Booking Reminders Work

A booking reminder can be added during the booking process by toggling on the reminder check box at the bottom of the booking form and filling in the required detail.



Managing Booking Reminders

  1. Select the day you want to see the reminder in the Diary
  2. Click on the 'Reminder' button  - the number attached means how many reminders are set for that day
  3. In actions, you can edit and or complete the task set