Step 1: activate your online bookings

Go to Settings - Diary Configuration - Online Settings 

In the Booking tab, scroll to Online Settings 

  • Tick Accept Online Bookings. 
  • Choose your max and min party size and Default Online Party Size
  • Choose the days you will take online bookings (we recommend you do this for every day you're open. This can always be controlled by your rules and settings.) 
  • Set Exception Dates where you 'll never take online bookings. (Eg. if you close for the whole of January.) 
  • Decide if you want to have a booking cut off. (Eg. an hour before visit or service.) 
  • Allow Customers to Add Themselves to Standby List can be ignored as it hasn't been released on the new widget yet. 
  • Allow Customers to Edit Bookings: tick this if you'd like to allow them to do this. 

Step 2: activate your areas for online bookings

  • Go to Settings - Areas and choose your segment 
  • Click on the area you need and click "Edit" 
  • Scroll down and tick
    • Available for online bookings 
    • Include this area in availability search 


Step 3: put Your widget/book button on your website

How you do this will vary depending on your account or website, but your book button or widget can be put anywhere you like: on your site, emails, social media, and more. 

Check your onboarding email from the Training team for instructions. 

If you need the information again, drop us a line at