Make sure you have set up a Silverstreet account - see this article on how to sign up to Silverstreet

Get all your Relevant information in Silverstreet

First, it's good to have all the relevant information to hand before integrating. 

1 | How to Find your sender ID

  • Go to Settings > My Profile:

  • In My Profile you will find you Sender ID in the Default Sender (you can have multiple sender ID's and they can be used in more than one diary)

2 | Find your Account Username & Password
***Note: This is different from the Username and password you use to login into Silverstreet***

  • Go to Account Settings > Settings;

  • Here you will see your Account number and Password to use for the integration:

  • Press the button to get your password

Add your details to ResDiary

  • Go to Settings > Diary > Integrations > SMS Gateway

  • Activate SMS in your diary by entering the details provided when signing up to Silverstreet.

Ensure that the relevant areas are enabled for SMS notifications

SMS will not by default be enabled for all areas in your restaurant.

To ensure that this is active in the required areas, go to 'Settings' > 'Areas' and tick the box beside 'Send SMS notifications to customers'