We strongly advocate that you set up a user for every staff member instead of one user for all.

Why use multiple users?

 Track changes made to bookings

 Only managers have access to the diary settings

 Have privacy of your own password and account

 Save time by not having to communicate new passwords

 No angry disgruntled ex staff accessing your diary 

Does this mean we have to log in and log out every time we make a booking?

Not at all! The booking form is set up to accept logins at the bottom of the process:

  • This means you would want to create a basic user to log in with that has limited access which means no one can mess around with settings etc
  • Then when an user makes a booking, change and/or breaks a rule they will need to enter details

So do I have to enter my password every time?

You can set it up to ask for only username or both username and password 

All depends on which security policy you decide to use.

Click on the buttons below of which method you'd prefer:


Does this mean my staff can break rules?

Nope, as along as you've set up their privileges properly they will need an override (managers login) to break the rules

How do I see who did what in my diary?

The biggest benefit to using multiple usernames means you can transparency on who made which changes.

1) Booking History

  • You can select a booking then select History:

  • This will then show you the booking history of this particular booking:

2) Set Up Changes

In Reports > Setup Changes Audit you can see who changed the settings.