We recently received customer feedback that table close-outs were not performing how you expected them to so we have made some changes to this functionality.


Previously when a table closeout was applied, no bookings could be placed on, or overlap the closeout. 

It meant that a two hour closeout actually restricted your bookings far beyond that two hour period. 


Now they simply restrict the times bookable online and allow online bookings right up to the table closeout, like the other closeout functions work. 

They can also be overridden internally by users with the appropriate permissions. 


This has been communicated in the release notes pop up but we want to ensure you know this is happening and your diary is updated for your business’ needs. All white space in your diary can now be considered bookable timeslots. 

Old behaviour - 14:15-17:45 would be unbookable and internal bookings could not be made.

New Behaviour - 16:00 - 17:45 are the only times not available and internal bookings can be placed directly on top of the closeout.

If you would like to achieve the same conditions as previously you simply need to extend the closeout as below so that 14:00 is the last bookable time.