Setting the 'required fields' in the booking process

When processing bookings you will see the 'Diner Details' on the right hand side of the booking window.

As a default, the required details to enter are 'First Name', 'Surname', 'Mobile' and 'Email' (The only system required field is 'Surname')

If your restaurant has different requirements when capturing other customer details then you can go to 'Settings' > 'Details' > 'Other Details' > 'Interface Settings' and adjust the following as required;

First Name
> In the 'General Settings' section tick or untick the 'First Name Required' option


> In the 'Telephone Numbers Required' section you can choose between the options of 'Mobile Number Required', 'Landline Number Required' or 'Either Number Required' 

> In the 'Back End Settings' section tick or untick the 'Email Address Required' option