General Information

  • Payments can be set to trigger to reservations within a specified date range for a certain number of guests. 
  • Payments can be applied either to the booking as a whole or as a per person (cover) charge.
  • You can vary the deposit value per day of the week.
  • Payments can be set to trigger for a service

Setting up the deposit

Go to Settings>Payments>Deposits

Click Add


  1. Ensure Status is "Enabled"
  2. Add a description to identify what this payment will be used for (this is for internal use only)
  3. Do not assign to a promotion
  4. Select the date range
  5. Select whether you would like to apply to internal bookings too.
  6. Select if the payment will be applied per cover or per booking
  7. Click update

Applying a value and other constraints to the deposit

The deposit will then appear in the list of deposits

Click edit next to the relevant deposit

To assign the value to the deposit

1. click add

2. Select the number of covers

3. Select if it is xor less, x or more or exactly

4. Add the value you wish to apply per person/per booking in each day of the week.  

5. click save

You can see all the deposits listed as below

Applying a deposit to a service

Alternatively deposits can be applied to the service as a whole, again you can choose to apply per cover or per booking.

Activating payment methods

Ensure your diary is set up to receive and record payments.  Go to Settings>Payments>New Booking Process Settings

Turn on all the payment methods you offer in your venue