If you have a Promotion like our "Event Night" promotion below that you would like to email customers out a booking link to that takes you straight to the correct time and date for, in our case 7pm on the 15th of March,

The first thing you would have to do is go to Promote>Online Facilities>Widget Configurator

Once you're here select "Create New Theme"

Select "Standard"

Then add a "Theme Name"

Then under "Fixed Promotion Setting" click the drop down and attach the correct promotion.

Once you've edited the theme's colour and branding to tie in with your website, click "Continue" and select the "Standard" size.

You'll notice that all of the dates are blocked off apart from the 15th of March.

To take the customer straight to this date, we need to add a default parameter to the widget link.

Firstly copy the widget link from the export code like below,

Once you have this, paste into your URL and add the date parameter to the end of the link, ?date=YYYY-MM-DD and put in the correct date, in our case "?date=2019-03-15".

This would mean our link would read as " https://booking.resdiary.com/widget/Standard/Majidis/8816?date=2019-03-15 " which will take us straight there!

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.