You can create a widget that will only show availability for a promotion that you have made for a special event. For example, the comedy night promotion below that is bookable at 7pm on the 28th of February 2025:

Firstly you need to create a specific channel to link a single promotion to booking widget. Do this by going to Promote>>Manage Booking Channels and add a new channel:

Edit your event promotion and attach it to this channel you have created:

Then create a new widget for booking by going to Promote>>Widget Configurator>>Create New Theme (Select Standard Widget Type)

  • Name the widget
  • Use the Channel Code that you have just created 
  • Fix the promotion for your event to that widget.
  • Select "Continue" to save then the "Standard" widget display option
  • Highlight and copy the widget link code as below:

To take the customer straight to this date, we need to add a default parameter to the widget link.

Once you have this, paste into your URL and add the date parameter to the end of the link, ?date=YYYY-MM-DD and put in the correct date, in our case "?date=2025-02-28".

This would mean our link would read as

Add that link to a promotional email or to your website and direct customers straight to the correct place to book the promotion! Below is a quick video overview of the steps above: