When exporting your reports, some non-English characters will not be exported in the correct format. 

A workaround for this is to open the exported file you get from ResDiary into Notepad and then 'Save as' and make sure it is encoded to UTF-8. See steps below.

1. Export the customer list from ResDiary (the file is saved in CSV)

2. Right click and open the file with Notepad

3. After open in Notepad, click 'File > Save As'

4.  Make sure to make the following adjustment as shown in screenshot

    - Make sure to add .csv to the file name (this included the full stop infront of the 'C')

    - Make sure the type is set to 'All Files'

    - Make sure encoding is 'UTF-8'

This will then allow you to view all language characters in their correct format.