As a ResDiary customer, you receive a free listing on to drive more bookings to your venue. To get this to display there is some key information that we require from you, which we have detailed below:

Adding Images

Go to 

> Settings 

> Venue and Microsite Details 

> Images

> Select folder on the right hand side called ''microsite'' or ''additional images''.

> Select ''add''
> Select the image (which should be no larger than 5000KB)
> Select ''application image''
> This image will then be added to your images gallery on your microsite
> If you would like the image chosen to show as the main image on your microsite select ''main restaurant image'' 

Please note you need to have at least one image added, for your Microsite to show


To add a menu to your microsite, save a PDF version of your menu to your device.

Click on Settings > Venue > Venue and Microsite Details > Microsite Menus > Add Menu

Choose a unique menu name > select menu category > select language > upload the PDF file > the menu URL will auto generate for you > tick to display online and select to always display or to display for a specific date range> click add then update to save.

To remove a menu; 

Go to Settings > Venue > Venue and Microsite Details > Microsite Menus > click the trash bin icon to delete

To edit your description on your microsite;

Go to Settings > Venue > Venue and Microsite Details > Information

When will my changes be updated?

Once you have made sure that all of the required information has been loaded to the diary, your listing should appear within the next 10/15 minutes. Occasionally it can take slightly longer depending on how much information has to build.