In the event that you require customers to be unable to book online, there are two possible options.


Option One -

Remove all online booking availability


This method will remove the ability for customers to book online. The process can manually be undone by reversing the method below.


Go to Settings > Diary Configuration > Online Settings



Here you can un-tick the box beside 'Accept online bookings' 

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save

Option Two -

Create a periodic Close-Out

This method will remove the ability for customers to make bookings during a time period determined by you.

This option may be more beneficial as it will allow customers to make bookings in the future, for dates after the time period you close out.

This option also allows you to edit / shorten / extend / remove the close out at any time. Please see a video below on how to do this:

At any point you can edit this close-out and extend the date range, reduce the date range, or delete it altogether.

Here is a handy guide on Close-outs in general should this be of any assistance.