We have made a few adjustments to our voucher widget to make the purchasing of vouchers online a better experience for your customers. 

We have updated the wording on the widget to make it clearer that vouchers will be emailed across and only one voucher will sent per transaction, regardless of how many vouchers have been purchased within the transaction, see below; 

We have also removed any mention of vouchers being delivered and have also removed the option to add an alternate delivery address. Again, to solidify customer expectations that vouchers will be emailed across to them exclusively. 

To action this adjustment, all you'll need to do is to add an extra bit of code to your voucher link ---> ?displayDeliveryOptions=false

So instead of you voucher link being https://uk.resdiary.com/Vouchers/Home/Index/YOURDIARYIDNUMBERHERE it will be  https://uk.resdiary.com/Vouchers/Home/Index/YOURDIARYIDNUMBERHERE?displayDeliveryOptions=false

Your bespoke diary ID number can be found within your diary. When you are looking at your main diary view, it is visible in the URL at the top of your screen, see below; 

This is optional, and you can keep your vouchers widgets as they are if you wish if applicable.

Not already set up with vouchers?

You'll need to set up a Stripe account in order to sell vouchers, please click here for a guide on how to do so. 

Once you have a Stripe account, Click here and fill in the form and tell us what vouchers you would like to sell and we can get these set up for you. 

Please contact support@resdiary.com if you have any questions or difficulties.