When you go to settings > areas, you'll see a full list if your areas that have already been created and you quickly check that the correct areas are available for online bookings; 

To create a new area, please follow the below steps; 

1. go to settings > table management > areas > create new. 

2. Give your area a name and description as well as a maximum cover count (ie, if you were to have one exclusive booking in this area, what is the maximum party size you could accommodate). 

3. Ensure your area is set to send emails to customers so guests receive their confirmation emails, do the same for SMS if you have this configured. 

-Ensure the area is available for online bookings if desired.


- Ensure the area is set to be included in the availability search ie. the area, and its tables will show up as options when making a booking internally. 

- Ensure the area is set to be included in your booking calculations. This means any bookings within this area will be calculated so you will never exceed your maximum covers rules and restrictions in your diary. 

Adding tables to your new area; 

Please go to settings > tables. 

To add a new tables, please click on the blue add button. 

To move an existing table into this new area, please click the edit button next to the table in question > change the area from the drop down > save. 

Please see detailed instructions by clicking here. 

Do you need to close out some other areas in your diary so they are no longer accepting online bookings? 

No problem, you can do this by going to settings > close outs > add new period.