To add vouchers to your monthly subscription, please click here and complete and submit this form.  

The voucher section can be found by going to Promote > Vouchers , once it has been added to your subscription. 

Step 1

Create your voucher (Vouchers > Vouchers).

Once you hit ''save and continue'', you'll be able to create more vouchers and preview how these will look to your customers online too. 

Step 2 

If you wish to sell vouchers, you'll need to make sure you have linked a stripe account to your diary. 

Stripe is our payment partner, it is free to set up with there are processing fees applied per transaction. See more about this by clicking here. 

Once you have connected your stripe account, please follow these steps to activate it. 

Settings > stripe settings > Click ''use live stripe settings'' > Click ''Use stripe for voucher payments'' > save 

Settings > New Booking process payment settings > toggle stripe from red to green.

Step 3 

Add your postage methods by going to Promote > Vouchers > postage methods > Create postage method. 

You need a minimum of one active postage method in order to sell vouchers online. 

Step 4

Make sure to add your generic voucher terms and conditions. 

This can be done by going to settings > terms and conditions/privacy policy > add a new paragraph called ''Vouchers'' > enter terms > save. 

Step 5 

Pop an email through to and let us know that you need to activate and set up your voucher email. 

We can add whatever wording you would you would like, however we would strongly suggest adding your voucher terms and conditions and anything else you think you're customers will find helpful. 

We will let you know when everything is in place for you.

Step 6

Would you like a daily email updating you on all vouchers that have been sold in the previous 24 hours? 

No problem, go to vouchers > vouchers > email notification setup > add up to 20 email addresses of you choice 

Step 7

To enable everything and to add your vouchers link to your website and socials,  head to Vouchers > click the blue promote button > toggle on your ''sell vouchers online' option > copy your shareable link and host this on your socials/ website/ newsletters ect. 

Using your Vouchers. 

1. The Voucher Report

Promote > Vouchers > Sales Report

Or else you can access this report by going to promote > vouchers > view report.

You can of course export your data here by clicking the export button.

2. Sell Vouchers. 

There are 3 ways to do this. 

    1. Has a customer popped in or do you need to sell a complimentary voucher for a guest? 

Go to vouchers and hit ''generate voucher codes''.
Here you can choose the voucher type and the number of each voucher you would like to send and add the email addresses of those customers who need to receive them.
Please note, this will show a payment type of ''none'' in your voucher report. 

     2.   You can also go to vouchers > sell vouchers. 

Here you can choose the payment method you would like to record against the sale and the voucher reference codes will generate for you so you can add these to your own email or physical vouchers to post out. 

Please note, by using this process - no email will be triggered to a customer. 

     3. Of course guests can always go to your website and/or dishcult listing and purchase vouchers from there too if they prefer. 

Note, you can find your online voucher portal link by going to promote > vouchers > My voucher URL. 

3. Redeem vouchers. 

This is an important step. Once a guest uses their voucher, you must redeem it to make sure they cannot use the same voucher again.

This can be done by adding the voucher reference code to the the payments screen on the internal booking process where the booking has an outstanding payment/ deposit on the booking. 

This can also be done by going to promote > vouchers > redeem vouchers. > enter the voucher reference number > search > redeem. Please see below;

Note, if you try and redeem a voucher that has already been redeemed, the redeem option will not show and you will see when this voucher was previously redeemed and which user actioned it.