To be able to send SMS messages from your diary you must sign up to the SMS add on feature fot your diary and create a Silverstreet account - see this article on how to sign up to Silverstreet

To activate SMS: 

Get all your Relevant information in Silverstreet

First, it's good to have all the relevant information to hand before integrating. 

1 | Create your own Sender ID (default will be Resdiary) 

  • Go to More>>Request Sender ID:
  • In My Profile you will find your Sender ID that you have created in the Default Sender list (you can have multiple sender ID's and they can be used in more than one diary)

*Please note that for SMS sent to diners in the US and Canada, the Sender ID will default to the dedicated ResDiary toll-free number (18339590758) instead of the Sender ID created in your Silverstreet account. This is to ensure the message delivery towards the USA and Canada networks as the United States and Canada mobile carriers no longer allowed the random sender names.

2 | Find your Account Username & Password
***Note: This is different from the Username and password you use to login into Silverstreet***

  • Go to Account Settings > Settings;

  • Here you will see your Account number and Password to use for the integration:

  • Press thebutton to get your password and remember to save

Add your details to ResDiary

  • Go to Settings > Diary > Integrations > SMS Gateway

  • Activate SMS in your diary by entering the details provided when signing up to Silverstreet.

Ensure that the relevant areas are enabled for SMS notifications

SMS will not by default be enabled for all areas in your restaurant.

To ensure that this is active in the required areas, go to 'Settings' > 'Areas' and tick the box beside 'Send SMS notifications to customers'

To Deactivate SMS: 

1 - The customer must confirm in writing that they wish to remove SMS from their subscription. 

2- Task finance to remove SMS £10 per month fee from next invoice (make sure the task is set for todays date and assigned to finance team member). Remove SMS toggle. 
Star ticket with request to remove the functionality on the record. 
3. Go to the diary, switch off any SMS templates that were active..
Go to the back office of the diary and switch OFF the permission for SMS gateway and advise customer to switch off sms triggers within their area set up. 
4. Email customer back AND cc in to confirm SMS has been disabled for the relevant account(s) 

Silverstreet, every once in a while, will email us asking us to contact a list of mutual customers to see if they are still using their silverstreet account or something to that effect. 
The answer to this is always no, that is an issue they need to resolve themselves. 
If a ticket like this comes in, please make the support lead or success lead aware and they can action and reply accordingly.