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3D Secure

We have had some incidents of fraud recently and Stripe have sent me the following advice - 

In regards to 3D Secure, as adding this to your payment flow requires some development on your end it's not automatically set up, the only condition to access this verification method is that you either have full control over your Stripe integration, or you use a third-party plugin that supports 3D Secure. I'd recommend reachingg out to your developer but here's some documentation outlining how to set this up:

I hope this information helps, but of course, please let us know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help in any way we can.

Hi Tony,

This is a development project we have in mind for future updates to our Stripe integration.

The standard of PCI compliance and fraud protection that Stripe offer is one of the main reason we chose them when adding the options for card tokenization/payments and I am sorry to hear you have had some recent fraud incidents. Would you be able to outline how these came about?

As with all online payments, there can also be enhanced security measures and one which we may be soon implementing is the requirement for postcode/zipcode as it adds another level of protection against fraud which doesn't come with the potential issues with conversions that 3D secure is often associated with.

Specifically, when a customer is required to enter their 3D Secure code, this isn't always a detail that they have to hand and drop-offs in online bookings/e-commerce are often a result.

We have been made aware of Stripe's ongoing development in the area of Dynamic 3D Secure, which is a rules-based approach that routes only specific suspicious transactions through 3D Secure.

If there is any progress on any of the above I will let you know.

Kind regards,


Thanks for adding me to this thread, I have to be honest I wasn't even aware that this forum existing.
Ewan, as you're aware we also experienced a high value fraud incident recently, and would very much welcome the implementation of 3D Secure as soon as possible (as this is the only verification method where the restaurant/bar is 100% protected against fraud), but in the interim adding a postcode validation would also help reduce the risk of fraud, however slightly.
I look forward to hearing when you hope to add these requests to your dev plan.

Cheers, and happy new year to all.

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