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"Reservation comments"


Is there any way of removing the "reservation comments" from the booking process please? We do not cater for any allergies or dietary requirements and people keep leaving them in the comments section!

I've had a look through settings but all I can see to change is the written info etc.

Kind regards


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Hi Sophie,

Thanks for getting in touch.

When your customers are looking to book via your website, I can see that an explicit message about dietary requirements is already in place and also features on your ResDiary listing.

As you have found that not all customers are reading this, I can see the problems that this can cause, but we cannot unfortunately remove the box titled 'Special Requests' per restaurant.

What I have noticed though is that you prevent bookings within 24 hours before service, so one possible option for you might be to switch to the 'Running Order' in advance of a service to look through the comments section to pre-empt any issues with requests made.

This may of course be a manual process of contacting the customer by phone or email or passing their message on to the FOH to better prepare for certain customers.

The problem I would see with removing the box altogether, would be that it still leaves a possibility that customers who have, for example allergies, to not have any way of making you aware of this until they arrive in your restaurant.

One further suggestion to handle this would be to include the same message about allergies/dietaries on your confirmation and reminder email. If you want to confirm with our support team if this would be suitable then we can make this addition and make some efforts to make the message stand out as much as possible.

Kind regards,