Resellers: N/A

Cost: £10 monthly add on to activate and support the integration.
(Posera will advise on their own product costs)

Known limitations:

The integration does not support multiple revenue centres
The integration does not support opening checks onto multiple tables.

API Username: MaitreD


Steps to activate the integration:

1. Activate the API > API accounts > search username ‘MaitreD’ > click providers > change ‘provider group’ to ’provider > change Web service to ‘EPOS service’ > click show all providers > toggle ‘can access’ to green on for correct diary.

2. Provide Maitre’D with the following information:

ResDiary Name:
Diary ID:
2nd Secret:

Email details to:

3. Create deal and finance tasks on Sales Seek.

Overview of integration

Front-of-house staff no longer have to move between two systems to keep track of what is happening in the restaurant.

  • Real time data drawn from ResDiary bookings allows staff to effectively manage reservations, walk-ins and maximise your covers directly in Maitre'D EPOS.
  • Booking arrivals, walk-ins, meal progress and wait list recorded in Maitre'D automatically updates ResDiary table management.
  • Customer spend is passed from the EPOS system into ResDiary, to analyse booking trends and most valuable customers. Customer spend can be accessed easily in the customer profile.
  • Reporting accessed via ResDiary, such as RFM report.


For more information on Maitre’D by Posera, Click here or phone 0800 074 5030