Reasons for Booking - like Booking Codes - can help you better manage what kinds of bookings are being made. 

Booking codes are visible in the booking process, editing the booking and in the running order. 


See this video below to see how to add Reasons for booking and adding new ones. 

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Reasons for booking

In the booking process you can quickly and easily record why the customer is visiting your venue. The diary already has pre-set popular reasons for why someone would visit, but you can add more that are specific to your venue such as ‘sports event’ or ‘business meeting’

You can also place conditional text into the confirmation based on why they are booking. For a birthday you may ask in the confirmation email “Please let us know if you wish to bring a cake or provide one for you.”

This is In settings>(reservations)reasons for booking.

You can toggle off ones that are not relevant to your venue. Hit the green button and it will turn red and not show in the booking process.

If you are part of a group and your diaries are linked, these are shared across your group.

If you use the running order, you can also add this column to appear so that you can easily see why the customer is visiting. 

To change what columns appear in the running order, go to reports>report settings. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a section named ‘Columns displayed in running order report’ Tick ‘Reasons for booking’ ensure you save and this will now show in the running order.