What are table joins used for?

Table Joins are required for your Resdiary system to calculate accurate availability results. All the commonly used table joins at your restaurant should be setup by your management team so that both internal and online users can book larger tables that only exist when putting tables together.

The setup facility is reserved for managers only.

If you do not have access to this facility and need to alter a join in your restaurant please check with your line manager.

To access the JOINED TABLES page please use the magic search to access 'joined tables' or select SETTINGS>JOINED TABLES>(select the 'segment') then update your Joins as required


Business Benefits

  • Ensure that all possible combinations of table can be booked so you never miss a booking.
  • Ensure the most appropriate combinations are booked first.

How Table Joins Works?

The Table Joins features are only accessible by users with access rights.

It is a segment specific section.

There are three ways to add joins to the system:

  • Via Settings> Manage Restaurant> Joined Tables

  • From the Diary
  • From the New Booking Process


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