Located in Settings > Restaurant Tables

1) Do you need to create an entire new area to the diary? If so follow this guide first: Creating a new area

2) Go to Settings > Restaurant Tables

3) Select the segment you wish to update

4) Click on the Add button

5) You will be met with the following options:

Type: Normal = Regular table that shows on the diary

          Phantom = A table that does not show on the diary but might be used to turn a normal into a larger table or an emergency table

Number: Unique to you - this is the number that will show on the diary (Note: has to be unique - you cannot have 2 tables called "1")

Description: Purely for your own reference

Status:  Enabled = Will show on the diary and is bookable

              Disabled = Will not show on the diary and is not bookable

Maximum Covers = How many people can it hold

Area = Which area does it belong in

6) Press Save

And now it should be on your diary!