1) Located in Settings > Areas

2) Select the Segment you wish to edit (if applicable, if not, skip to Step 3.)

3) Press the Create New button

4) You will be met with set up options for this specific new area:
            A) Name & Description

This is purely for your own reference. If you have an online widget that shows areas they will see the 'Name' but not the Description

            B) Notifications:

Send email notifications to customers = Do you want customers who are booked in this area to receive email confirmations, reminders etc?
Send sms notifications to customers = If you have SMS set up you can send SMS' for bookings in this area

C) Maximum Covers

Maximum Covers = Total covers you can table despite the tables covers. I.e. the area might sit 20 people but there's 50 people standing room.

This work with the 'Complete Area' function in the booking process.

Vary by Days of the Week = Allows you to change the amount you would take for a complete area bookings by date

If you tick this box you will see this:

D) Status

Available for Online Bookings = Whether you want this area available online or not

Include this area in Availability Search = Whether you want this area 'searchable' in the booking process (i.e. the table dropdown list) if you untick this all your tables in this area will not show in the booking process

Include in max covers / booking calculationsWhether you would like it to be included in you max covers amounts located at the top of the diary page:

 If the area is excluded it will show in Red.

            Allow Function EnquiriesWhether you would like this area to be included in accepting a Function Enquiry.

5) Click Add and the area will be created 

Note: it will not show on the Diary until it you add tables to this area see this article on adding tables