If you are looking to managing your queue on the day - W8List is the way.

If you are looking to manage your Stand By bookings for the future - use the Standby List



Increase Restaurant Profit and Yield with new ResDiary Feature - W8LIST™

W8LIST by ResDiary reservation management system is a fully functional waiting list. It’s easy to use and provides professional, effective communication between you and your waiting guests.

W8LIST manages your waiting guests by:

  • Allowing the restaurant manager to quote an accurate wait time to the guest
  • View at a glance how long the guest has been waiting so far
  • See the expected remaining waiting time for each table
  • Send an email or SMS* to the guest to confirm if they still require the table
  • Update the W8LIST entry as confirmed or not required on receiving the reply from the guest
  • Seat the table into ResDiary when a table becomes free
  • Decline a waiting table professionally and promptly


  • Available free of charge with all ResDiary accounts
  • Provides a professional, simple booking experience for your guests - the best first impression.
  • Increases profit through maximising your restaurant’s covers and yield
  • Gives accurate information about your confirmed and potential business levels
  • No need to leave your diary screen, W8LIST is part of the ResDiary reservations system
  • W8LIST automatically updates with best availability for each table - no searching required.

*If SMS notifications are used, Clickatell integration must be activated. 



Altering the duration (for a w8list booking)