Activate your Online Bookings

1) Go to Settings > Details > Other Details > Booking

2) In the booking tab you can activate your online bookings and add any restrictions should you wish to do so

Lets look at them in detail:

3) Make sure to press Save at the bottom of the page

Step 2 | Make Sure your areas are active for online bookings

1) Go to Settings > Areas

2) Click on Edit on an area:

TIP: You can open all the areas in a new tab by pressing CTRL (or CMD) when clicking on Edit

3) Make sure the following are ticked: 

  • Available for online bookings
  • Include this area in availability search


Step 3 | Put Your Widget/Book Button on your Website

It all depends on your widget/book button type.

You should have received your type in an email from our training team. 

If you need this information again please email