At ResDiary we are aware that almost every restaurant has a different way to manage function sheets and food-orders. Some use their own bespoke process with very unique requirements while other us 3rd party applications that are designed to manage these processes for both restaurant and consumer. At ResDiary we have decided to keep it simple and allow each restaurant to continue to run their present process but use Resdiary as the central point of communications. Therefore we suggest products that will help users create a central source of truth (e.g. Google Docs or Drop Box) and allow a Function Sheet URL or Pre Order URL to be added to a booking. 


Business Benefits

  1. Provide a central source of information relating to Function Bookings and the additional requirements these bookings demand. 
  2. Control which users can manage function sheets and which users can view function sheets. 
  3. Don't change your present business practices. 


How Function Sheet & Food Order URL's Work Video

How to Activate Function Sheets for your Diary

1) If you want to activate it for a group of your staff members go to Settings > Groups

2) Click on Edit of the group you wish to give this privilege to

3) Click the privilege Manage Function Sheets:

This now give that Group of Users access to the function sheet management.

How to Add a Function Sheet/Food Order to a booking

Note: You can only add a function sheet after making the booking

1) Click on the booking you want to add the function sheet to

2) Click on the Edit (New Process)


3) This will take you to the details of the booking and you will see the icons below (please note, they are greyed out to signify there is no Function Sheet Attached):

4) Click on either the Function Sheet icon  (clipboard with an arrow) or Food Order icon  (list with a tick)

5) This will pop open this box in a new window (if you cannot see this please check if you have pop ups blocked):

6) Enter the URL to the customers Function Sheet/Food Pre-order

7) Press Save on the Add/View Function Sheet window and then Save the booking 

How to View an Attached Function Sheet/Food Order

1) Click on the booking

2) You will see a new icon here:

3) When you click on this icon it will open your function sheet in a new window