[Descriptor: Do you want to be able to take pre-payments for promotions or ticketed events? ResDiary has the capability to support this. This tutorial will cover each step of this process.
You can find full details on how to obtain a SSL certificate with this helpful resource
Do you need to link your diary with Stripe? you can find full details in this film:
Not sure where to start with promotions? This film covers the basics to help you get started:

Step 1 | Create a Promotion

In order to set up prepayment first create a promotion.

You can create a promotion in Promote > Promotions > Add New

See this guide on how to create a basic promotion

Step 2 | Create a Deposit

  • Go to Settings > Deposits
  • Click Add

  • Press Update

Step 3 | Test!

No better way to see if it works by making a test booking. You don't have to complete - just make sure it gets to a stage after selecting your time that it warns you there is a cost: