What are function enquiries used for?

ResDiary allows your Functions/Event/Restaurant Managers to promote areas of your restaurant as available spaces for Private Dining, events or functions. You decide which areas of your restaurant are available, for max how many covers and if any specific promotions apply. Online browsers visiting your restaurants resdiary.com listing will then be able to search for available dates and submit enquires which your functions managers can pick up and manage within ResDiary to the point of conversion to booking.  


Business Benefits

  1. Manage your space in one place, ResDiary
  2. Record Diner details and interest in booking areas of your restaurant.
  3. Provide clear branded communication relating to a function enquiry (at every step of the way).
  4. Keep your team up to date relating to all new function enquiries.


How Function Enquiries Work

  1. Go to Settings> Areas and enable the areas you want to be Function Enquiry Enabled
  2. Add Promotions that relate the large parties in a particular area.
  3. Go to Settings> Restaurant Details> Other Details> Notifications: Function Enquiry Notifications and determine if one or more of your team need an email notification when either an online or internal enquiry is submitted.
  4. Start adding Function Enquiries.
  5. Convert Function Enquires to bookings and initiate bespoke email confirmation and apply deposits as required.

Function Enquiries 
  • will search availability and only return a negative result if a complete area booking already exists or if the restaurant is closed.
  • when converted to a booking become a complete area booking and will unallocate any standard bookings.
  • deposits or credit card numbers taken as security need to be added to the booking after conversion.