1. Open Dashboard > Permissions > Ensure “Function Enquiries” is ticked.

  2. Go to Settings> Areas and enable the areas the venue want to be Function Enquiry Enabled.
  3. Advise customer to add Promotions that relate the large parties in a particular area.

  4. Go to Settings> Notification Settings: Function Enquiry Notifications. Discuss with customer the options; Do they want to send out a notification for both online and internal enquiries?

  5. If required, add an email address(es) of venue to be notified of enquiries/cancellations.

  6. Go to Settings > Email Templates. Does the customer wish to have branded function Enquiry emails? (May already be set up). Ensure they are Set to Custom if branded, or Auto Genereated if not.

  7. Start adding test Function Enquiries to ensure working correctly.

  8. Convert Function Enquiries to bookings and initiate bespoke email confirmation and apply deposits as required.