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API integration/ data feeds

Ability to sync booking data with a 3rd party service - e.g. Google Analytics, Geckoboard - to get real time data on bookings, covers, etc. for reporting and analysis purposes. Manual export is cumbersome.

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Thanks very much for getting in touch. 

It is not currently in our development pipeline to fully integrate with 3rd Party Services that provide analytics on your bookings. 

We do have a Data Extraction API for this purpose and Data can be synced in this way and added to a 3rd Party service.

If you were interested in requesting access to the Data Extraction service then you can follow the link below to our Consumer API page which includes a sign up form.

As there is plans to improve our own reporting it would be useful if you could provide some examples of the type of analytics and reporting that you can obtain via Google Analytics or Geckoboard?

Kind regards,


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