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Integrated Guestline PMS bookings


We use your Guestline integration to book resident tables - we need to find a way to stop these guests getting our regular booking confirmation (for every single booking) as we can summarise all table bookings in the single hotel confirmation using the ResDiary Tags in Guestline.

Could we suspended notifications to the GuestlinePMS channel?

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Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Further to your request, we have made up the specification for some development work that will allow you to suppress ResDiary emails by channel which in this case would be Guestline.

There is a little complexity to add where emails may not need to be suppressed in all cases and we may well be in touch to run through what we think the solution will be.


Thats great news Ewan

Please do get in touch if I can assist.



Hi Ewan

Do we have an idea of timeframe as yet?



Hi David,

Some other users of Property Management Solution integrations like Guestline have been asking this same question lately and we fully appreciate the problem whereby the ResDiary confirmation email isn't always necessary for room bookings.

We have also received some requests for certain channels to be exempt from email/SMS notifications due to 
branding or language requirements.

Theses requirements from our API partners have now all been specified and the design for the suppression of emails by channel are nearing completion.

The next step will be the d
evelopment work, which although not yet scheduled, is expected to commence in March 2018.

I have switched the status of this task to 'In Progress' to better reflect the development status and will keep you updated on when you can expect this to be released.

Best Regards,


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