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Pre-order Guest Name

Some of our guests will receive a pre-order and submit there choices but keep their default title of 'Guest 1', 'Guest 2' etc

It is part of our front of house procedure to address our guests by name and give them the correct order they made.

Without having the name of the guest it makes it difficult for us to match the pre-order to the right guest.

We would therefore like an option to choose to make the 'Guest name' a required field to be completed.

Thank you
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Hi Scott,

You may have noticed this already but we completed the requested change to require that guests provide their name before submitting their order.

This can be set in two places.

The default setting

'Settings' > Details' > 'Other Details' > 'Guest names required for preorders?'

Per menu setting

'Menu settings' > 'Is guest name required?'

I hope this allows you to better manage pre-orders and maintain your front of house procedure.

Thanks again for the feedback,


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