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Pre-order suggestions.

Good morning,

I'm just messaging as there are a few things to do with the pre-ordering system that we have noticed could be implemented slightly differently to make the system a little easier to use. Just a few suggestions to bear in mind if you are looking into changing it at all in the future:

1. Make it possible to remove pre-orders from bookings, at the moment if you click on one promotion with pre-orders attached when booking in a table the pre-order stays attached to the booking even if you change it before completing the booking. Or if a table has told you they can't pre-order, for example, it would be useful to remove it.
2. Stop cancelled tables showing up on the pre-order report pages, this makes it really confusing when trying to work out who has and hasn't pre-ordered. 
3. Make pre-orders open in a new tab if you click 'view pre-order' when on diary mode (rather than on the booking itself)

And I'm sure there were a few other suggestions but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Overall I really like the system though and it is helping a lot with Christmas bookings especially!


Hi Emma, 

Just a quick update on the suggestions you had to improve the pre-order function.

The areas you have highlighted are all now in our planned updates, to recap;

1. We will be adding a 'Select None' option for bookings for promotions where a pre-order is attached.

2. The cancelled bookings will be omitted from the pre-order report.

3. The 'View Pre-Order' option will be opened in a new tab when selected.

I don't as yet have any timescale for when the development work will be completed but would like to thank you for passing these suggestions on, it is really helpful.

I hope you and the team are having a great Festive time and looking forward to 2018!

Best regards,


Hi Ewan,

Thanks for getting back to me with this, that's great to here. 

We had one more point brought up in our post-Christmas managers meeting, and I said I'd pass it on to you too. I'm not sure how feasible it is but as you've been so great implementing other changes I thought you don't know until you try!

The way pre-orders are printed is quite confusing to follow when in the middle of service. It would be really useful if pre-orders could be exported to an excel spreadsheet so you have, for example. customer names on the Y axis, and the meals chosen on the X axis with a simple "1" or "tick" to show who has ordered what at a glance. 

We found using the pre-order system great for taking the pre-orders, and useful for the number of dishes using the report, but we had to rewrite most of them into this sort of form in order to be easily followed on the pass during service - if something like this would be possible it would be fantastic. 

I hope that makes some sense - if you need a bit more explanation I'll be happy to try and help.


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