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Facebook Messenger Integration


We're looking at taking bookings directly through Facebook Messenger. What is ResDiary's capability in this regard?



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Hi Alex,

We are planning to work with our SMS partner Silverstreet on one or two enhancements to our messaging capability.

They have gained Early Partner access to Google's RCS project which you can get a brief overview of via the link below;

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

The scope of their project does cover Facebook messaging and from an early demonstration we have been given they look to have some very exciting features planned.

Upon completion of their upgrades to RCS technology, we will then be discussing in further detail how we can go about making certain improvements available to our customers.

At this early stage, we don't know the size of the development task and I wouldn't be able to offer you any timeline for this at present.

I will however be updating you via this feature request and you should receive an email notification as and when an update is available.

Kind regards,


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