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Widget Configurator - RD Branding

Love the ease of using the Widget Configurator to match our branding but it's frustrating to put all the effort in only to have it spoilt by a blocky RD logo with the choice of a white or black background.

Could the option be there to either remove your branding or can it not be a .png (as our logo venue can be) so it uses the background colours?


(18.5 KB)
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Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch and I am glad to hear that the widget configurator worked well for you.

When we were first building this tool, we didn't plan on allowing for the option to remove our own logo, but still wanted to provide as much customisation as possible to help you mirror the look and feel of your website.

Your suggestion of the transparent PNG would be a good alternative and in your case I think it would look good on the cream background that you have.

We would however have to consider that if you did chose a white background and a transparent ResDiary logo with white text, then we would be losing visibility of the ResDiary text and leave only the bow-tie logo.

The range of colours available will therefore present a problem which we aren't yet sure how to avoid but are open to suggestions. 

For customers wishing to build a fully bespoke widget there is always the option of having your own web team build a booking widget via use of our consumer API.

If we have any further improvements to this part of the widget configurator then I will let you know.

Kind regards,


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