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How did you hear about us in the widget?


I imagine that all or at least most of your restaurant users are placing adverts in various publications at some point or other and often simultaneously.

the ability to track where our customers come from is essential in working out which channels are worthwhile. 

Your function only allows us to manually put that info into an account if we ask our customer the question which is useless.

Can you add in a drop down text field asking the question that lets us choose the answers so we can track advertising efficacy please?


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Hi Emma,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We do have a plan to add some additional functionality to our booking widget to prompt users to complete a 'How did you hear about us?' field

This development work is not yet scheduled and I will keep you updated if it does begin development.

In the meantime, if you are placing booking widgets online then you could make use of the 'Channels' function to record the users visiting the widget from a specific online source.

This doesn't of course cover the multiple ways in which customers become aware of your restaurant and I can see the value in this type of reporting.

Kind regards.


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Hi James,

Thanks for your feedback, improvements to the widget are currently underway to allow it to embed more efficiently on any web platform. This work will be followed by a list of improvements that included adding HDYH as we are aware that many of our restaurant customers highly value this information.

There is an option in the meantime to allow customers to type free text into a field on your widget which can be titled 'How did you hear about us?'

I have a guide to implementing this option below along with a screenshot of what it would look like online;

When work starts on implementing this as a pre-configurable dropdown list of options I will update you via this feature request post.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ewan, 

This feature would also be very valuable to us too!, has this work been scheduled, or completed?

Any further updates?


Has any work been started on this yet?

The solution that has been offered isn't great as you are unable to pull a report with the details on it.



Is there any update on this function? It would be really helpful

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