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Option to remove customer "comments" from the reservation widget configurator

The option to remove comments would be a great benefit. 

Some guests try to increase the guest count in the comment box (after exceeding the maximum allowed). 

Some guests try to change the reservation time of early or later in the comment box. 

Some guests try to booking multiple parties and put in the comments that the tables must be together. 

It would be a lot easier to have the option to remove the comments and special requests can then be done the proper way. 


Hi Hani,

I do appreciate that customers entering comments or requests that are simply not possible can cause issues.

It is however a fairly standard part of reservations of all types but especially in the hospitality industry.

You should see that the message within this box read, "Let us know if you have any special requests and we will do our best to assist. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed." 

If this disclaimer isn't working and you would prefer customers to contact you directly, I will forward your request to our support team who may be able to make some edits for you.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your assistance!

The implemented widget is no longer supported by Resdiary as of today. I am very disappointed that resdiary no longer supports the clean and simple booking widget. We do not want a comment box and cluttered widget asking guests to sign up for news and offers. The other major reservation software companies provide a clean booking widget with no comment box to complicate the booking process. The comment box is no longer a standard requirement of the industry, please check out the other booking platforms. 

Resdiary has a decent booking structure but lacks in design and simplicity. Unfortunately, going back to the standard & cluttered booking widget from 2 years ago will be an issue for us. 

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