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Printing Guest Codes on the ticket

Hi Team,

We are wondering if there would be a way we can print a guest code on the ticket that the front of house team would use.

When we mark a guest as a VIP as a code it won't print on the ticket, but this is information the floor staff needs!

Copying the codes onto the notes seems to defeat the purpose!

Thank you 

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, we get asked for all sorts of information to be added on to the waiter slip and VIP status and booking codes seem to be the most common.

To be fair to all those who use this feature, we would probably need to make the content customisable.

The plan to do this is in the very early stages of development but I will be able to update you on any progress made via this request forum.

Thank again,


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Hi Ewan,

Thank you for your reply

Yes, it would be very helpful to be able to click "Staff" Or "Gluten Free" and know that our floor team have the information printed, without us manually typing in the guest notes. 

Many thanks! 

Hi Jessica,

I thought it may be of interest to you that on our iPad app 'ResDiary Plus' we have introduced a customisable check printing function.

If you do use the app already, then with an update to the app you will be able to print the requested information e.g. booking codes / VIP status.

See the full notes on this release here - >

I will keep this request on-hold as we are yet to implement this functionality in the desktop app.

Kind regards,


But, can it print to an Ethernet kitchen printer?

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Hi ResDiary team, 

Can I please ask when the planned development of having booking codes or customisable information on the waiter print slips will be available?

This is something some of our restaurants are keen to see available asap. 



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