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Mobile Number In Land Line Box

We are trying very hard to get all tables confirmed 24 hours before their planned arrival so avoid no shows.

We send a text reminder 48 hours before then a manuel reminder to the ones that have not confirmed 24 hours before. ( Ideally longer term it would be great to automate this process ?)

We therefore try to  train staff to make sure the mobile number is in the mobile box so the customer get these SMS reminders....

BUT the devils particularly students that work a shift a week ) just can't seem to get the mobile number in the write box, consequently confirmations and reminders are not being sent.

Is this a problem to other restaurants ?

We have tried using the setting mobile number only BUT then if we put a landline in this box it sends a weird message to the landline when they answer ? We've had customers call to complain.

So could we have a new setting so only the mobile number shows and a pop up  for the landline number that they click when only a land line is presented ?

I pride myself on staff training ......but Im sure more restaurants have this problem and probably dont realise it ?

Text reminder are very good at prevent no shows....but you need the mobile number in the correct box.

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