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Color Coding for Customer Type

It would be great to be able to differentiate customer types visibly on the diary. I understand VIPs get highlighted in Red but there are no further options to differentiate customers.



Hi Daniela,

The colour coding of the diary is brought up fairly regularly on the improvement request forums.

I will routinely add any requests for specific changes to the types of customers/stauses that should be considered for a re-design.

Can you let me know which differentiaton you would like to make between customers?

Kind regards.


Hi Ewan,

We would love to differentiate between in-house guests and all other customer types. We are using the VIP color coding to highlight our golf club members so adapted it from the original VIP idea. So ideally even more than one color customer type category would be ideal.

Many thanks. 

Hi Ewan,

sorry I hadn't seen your reply! Ideally we would like to differentiate between In-house/external guests, a bit like Daniela (what a coincidence!) suggests above.

Thank you



This request is common to quite a few customers and (not just the Daneilas)

Fortunately we have gathered quite a few of the types of colour coding requests that customers ask us for and can see definite room for improvements.

Before we start adding new colour schemes or replacing older ones, we would of course need to be confident that they will work well for all customers.

This is a work in progress and I will update you if there are any changes in the pipeline.

Thanks again for your feedback,


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